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Transform Today!Transform Today!

About Therapy


Hello! My name is Rida Runcaite and I am based in Sweden. I have worked many years both online and offline helping people in all matters to find their path that brings success and well-being.

I teach self-empowerment, mindfulness, health, nutrition, laws of attraction and manifestation. My goal is to guide you towards your true power, your-Self. Give you clarity and confidence, so you can make necessary changes and important decisions, and move forward and grow. 

By getting your power back, you will feel self-empowered and strong. Seeing your situation from different angles, will give you new perspective about yourself and those involved, where new possibilities will reveal itself, so you can create life full of joy and happyness. 

I use law of attraction, because its a universal law that works behind the scenes at all times. Its a fact that we attract what we think and feel. Like similarties attracts similarities. If you are sad or angry, you will attract more sadness and anger, more negative thoughts, negative events and people, if you will do nothing. And you might end up feeling this way for months or even years. Its like a vicious circle, a spiral, unless we do something about it. Change the way of thinking by removing obstacles, limited beliefs, addictions, negative feelings, toxic enviroment and start attracting positiveness and happyness in your life.

Obstacles and beliefs are deep rooted in the psychic, that are created and shaped in the childhood and during lifetime., including family, school, friends and work. For example, if your experience was negative, such as abuse or break ups, that will effect your way of thinking, and choices you make later in life. During therapy i will look into your past and obstacles, that can be in your way, such as people, enviroment, negative thoughts, behaviour patters, beliefs, addictions, obsessions, traumas and more. An obstacle could also be a childhood trauma, family member, a friend or a partner, a boss, people who are affecting you in a negative without you even knowing it. Once those obstacles are eliminated, you will immediately experience clarity and relief, that will give you power and confidence to create your reality. This is called manifestation.

My approach is transformative, integrative, empowering, that will give you clarity, strength, inspiration and confidence to move forward and grow as a being. I work with individuals and couples, who are going through some tough times and need advice and guidance in all matters. So let´s start feeling good today!

Experience and Diplomas


Online Therapist/Listener for 5 years at
Social Worker offline, 10 years, Sweden
Bachelor Diploma in Economics, Marketing, Baltic Business School, Sweden,

Social Behaviours and Addictions, Diploma, Hola Academy for Adults, Sweden
LIfe Coach Practioner Diploma, The Academy Of Modern Psychology,
NLP Master Practitioner Diploma, The Academy of Modern Psychology,