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About Therapy


Hello! My name is Rida Runcaite and I am based in Sweden. I have worked many years both online and offline helping people in all matters, to find their path and  true potential so they can grow and find joy in their lives.

My goal is to guide you towards the right direction, your true power, giving you clarity you need into your situation. With clarity you will be confident, to make necessary changes and important decisions, so you can move forward and grow as a being in all ways. By getting your power back you will feel self-  empowered, seeing your situation in a different angle, with new possibilities to create life accordingly to your preferences. 

I also use law of attraction, because we attract what we think and feel. Same as similarties attracts similarities. For ex. If you are sad or angry, you will attract more sadness and anger, more negative thoughts, events, people and you might end up feeling this way for months or even years. Its like a vicious circle, a spiral, unless you do something about it,and change the way of thinking, obstacles, perspective, outdated beliefs, and start attracting positiveness and happyness in your life. 

During therapy i look into obstacles that can be in your way, in form of people, negative thoughts or behaviour patters, beliefs, addictions, obsessions, you name it. An obstacle could be also a childhood trauma, family member, a partner, a friend, addiction or angry boss who is affecting you and making you feel miserable without you even knowing it. 

Other obstacles can be, negative patterns and outdated belief systems, that are deep rooted in your psychic, and were created  in your childhood when your parents raised you, or during your teens in college, or at work, when someone said something negative to you and damaged your confidence which in turn affects your choices, way of thinking and actions later in life. 

Once those obstacles are eliminated, you will immediately experience clarity and relief that will give you power to make changes within your  within yourself and enviroment. This is called manifestation, meaning you are creator, creating your own reality. When you change within, everything will change around you as well, not the other way round.

My approach is transformative, integrative, empowering that will give you clarity, strength, confidence to make changes. I will work with you as an individual, and help you face and heal you in deep and effective way. All you need is your will for better life and some courage to face the truth, so you can start living good today!. 

Experience and Diplomas:

Online therapist for 5 years, 3 years at 

Social Worker offline, 10 years, Sweden

Social Worker and addiction behaviours diploma, Sweden

Bachelor diploma in economics, marketing, Sweden